Monday, August 29, 2011

My Review of Pink Chenille Toddler Bedding Set with Comforter

Originally submitted at One Step Ahead

Kids love this chenille toddler bedding because it's so exquisitely'll love it because it's hard to kick off. The secret? Fitted bottom corners on the duvet and matching comforter. That makes it easy for beginners to make the bed themselves! Our toddler bedding set includes f...

Super Cozy But Not Exactly As Expected

By M and A's Mom from Fountain Valley, CA on 8/29/2011


3out of 5

Pros: Easy To Clean, Quality Fabric/Stitching, Attractive Design, Comfortable

Cons: Difficult to Set-up

Best Uses: Everyday Bedding

Describe Yourself: Midrange Shopper

I purchased the Pink Chenille Toddler Bedding Set with Comforter for my three year old daughter. The most striking thing is how SOFT and COZY the material is. Truth be told, she loves it and is more than willing to climb into bed - so win on that point! However, my intention for purchasing it was hoping that I'd stop finding her completely uncovered in the mornings. Fail on that part. The "fitted" portion of the comforter actually doesn't have any elastic to hold it in place and is barely big enough to fit below her baby mattress on her toddler bed. Oh well. It is easy to clean, very attractive and super soft. In the end though, it probably just could have been a normal comforter - and not a "fitted" one.


My Review of Childproof Clean Guard Cleaning Supply Safe

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Lock even more cleaning supplies away...with our bigger, better storage bin! Keeps household cleaners handy, while locking them safely out of reach. At 16""L x 13""W x 14""H, this organizer is 33% larger than before, and designed to hold larger containers. With patente...

Not Sure It Is Worth It...

By M and A's Mom from Fountain Valley, CA on 8/29/2011


2out of 5

Cons: Difficult to Open, Poor Construction, Poor Design

Best Uses: Toddlers, Kitchen/Bathroom, Accident Prevention

Describe Yourself: Parent of Two or More Children

I was so excited when I saw this item was on weekly special so I ordered two, as I had previously had my eye on it to help keep my curious toddler out of harm's way. Unfortunately, upon receipt, one of my two boxes was cracked in the bottom corner. I almost didn't exchange it as I didn't want the hassle of repackaging it, but I worried cleaner chemicals would leak out and defeat the purpose of the storage box. Even more unfortunate was that the replacement for the broken item was ALSO broken. This time, it was the safety latch which was broken. Upon receiving a second broken item, I just returned it. It appears the shipment packaging was not protecting this item appropriately from damage caused in the mail. That being said, I realized that if I accidentally dropped this box, it could easily crack or the latch could break. I did keep the original unbroken item and, in general, I'm happy with it - though the latch is a bit clunky and sometimes I struggle getting it open. If I hadn't gotten this item for 50% off, I'd be really disappointed.