Monday, September 8, 2008

SOS! Save Our (Counter) Space!

We live in a small condo. This makes clutter a MAJOR issue in our house. Baby = clutter. Especially now that daycare has started and bottles and pumping paraphernalia have become daily necessities. I was not prepared for this clutter and it began to accumulate nightly on our counter top. Dirty bottles here. Clean bottles there. Bottles to be sterilized over here. Pump flanges over there. Pumping collection bottles up here. I know you know the drill too.

Then, we went to dinner over at a couple's home who has a baby the same exact age as Maia. His mom had just gone back to work too. She was dealing with the same exact clutter - only better. And then I saw why - the answer was so simple... I give you, the $6 drying rack from Munchkin:

This little beaut is available at Target, of course. I used to think things like this would just add to the clutter of my life. Not so. Highly recommend this for those of you struggling with clutter like me.

Important note: Any other clutter reducing tips will be highly appreciated!

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