Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eh - Not My Favorite Accessory

Since we recently got a second baby-friendly car, we went head and bought an extra infant seat base. We had do to some minor switch-a-roo and take the old base out of my car. Old base was black, the new one is silver and matches my interior better, so obviously we have to make the change, right? Anywho, while doing this switch-a-roo, we decided to finally install our car seat protector which we received as a shower gift.
Here's my thoughts - don't like it. It doesn't work in my CR-V. The problem is this - my car actually has latch hooks for a center seat installation, which is grrrreat. However, the seat is mildly off-center. With this super-wide seat protector, it covers up the other two passenger seat belt attachments. Grrrr. We had to un-install. I tried it in Jason's new little Subaru and it worked better... probably because the seat is installed on the side and we won't really have backseat passengers in that car. Maybe it will work better with a big girl car seat though - we're still using an infant seat for Maia.

Note: I had heard you are technically not supposed to use one of these seat protector things, at least according to the California State Highway Patrol. They supposedly allow the car seat to slide around more than it should. Well, here's a little tip - the patrolman who inspected our car seat prior to Maia's arrival has four kids and said he'd always used one. Though, he did have a great recommendation, which we used and now are still using in the CR-V. His recommendation was to just use that non-slip drawer liner underneath the seat. Turns out it's cheaper, safer and, as I now know, works better for me.

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Kristin said...

Great idea on the drawer liner.. whod have thunk!... We have an eddie-bauer one from target that we like a lot.. its just a canvas like material.. so fits any seat!