Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Travel Must have!

I have travelled quite a bit with just me and the babe.. no hubby! So I have been constantly trying to find ways that I can entertain Ben, make the plane trip as pleasant for me and the strangers sitting beside me and not have to feel like I have packed Ben's whole room in my carry-on. I had been struggling because Ben is quite good if he can sit and watch a baby einstein, however using a portable dvd player was more of a hassle then it was a help. Ben would just constantly press the buttons grab the was extremely frustrating. But for our last trip my husband suggested I put some baby einstein videos on his old ipod. And then I found this!!! This case for the ipod.. makes it easy for Ben to hold, protects the ipod and the screen from spills or sticky fingers and BEST OF ALL.. it is WAY smaller then a dvd player and you don't have to take it out of your bag for security! Its enough taking the baby out of the stroller, shoes off, liquids out.. so one less thing to do! Anyways its been a lifesaver for me and my travel.. and I am sure with all the new ipod technology if your like my husband you have an old one sitting around or are waiting to upgrade!
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