Friday, September 26, 2008

Cannot Be Contained

Maia is on the move! She cannot be contained! We are now in the market for some device to help with this problem, but we don't have a lot of doorways which would fit a baby gate. As such, we've narrowed our options down to the following two products. Does anyone have any experience with either of these? Any other suggestions??


Nieko's Mom said...

I do not have any experience with the devices you show. I baby proofed the house and let Nieko have at it. I did buy one gate to block off certain parts of the house if I wanted. It's this one:
I have an old house with some small doorways so I needed a gate that was adjustable. This one varies from 30 to 42 inches.

Kristin said...

I'm the same as neiko's mom.. I just babyproofed and bought some gates for rooms i didnt want him in.. like the office and the stairs! Good luck!!