Monday, August 18, 2008

Bathing Beauty

We have reached the age where Maia no longer fits in her baby tub (the one that goes in the sink). We used this neato travel sponge bath thingie (see photo exhibit A below) for a few days, but then Maia discovered she could start rolling in the tub. Uh-oh! Then we switched to this bath ring which was a hand-me-down (see photo exhibit B below). This seems to work for about 3 minutes but it's difficult to get her in and out. Also, it just doesn't seem that safe to me; in fact, I looked it up on-line and it does have a few warnings against using it, so I'd like to move away from it. So what are we to do? We even tried the mommy and me bath, which was the most successful, but not sure I want to climb into the tub every night. Am I missing something in the world of baby bathing? How does everyone else deal with this?

Exhibit A - Sponge Thingie

Exhibit B - Not-the-safest Bath Ring


Nieko's Mom said...

I use an inflatable duck bath that I received as a gift. It's this one:
I'm very happy with it. I have to admit I'm relieved now that Nieko can sit and play in the bath because a wet, slippery, fragile baby is no fun!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you posted this question, because I am having the same issues! Maddie actually still (just barely) fits in her original baby bath which fits on our bathroom counter. She loves it, but these days her arms and legs are pouring over the sides. We tried to put her in the real tub the other night and she would have none of it! Not the battle we wanted to fight while also going through a new sleep system. I guess I will just continue to use the baby bath until she's 18. :-)

kateyritro said...

After I posted this, I got an off-blog suggestion to use the kitchen sink sans baby bath tub. We tried it and we think this might be the best solution yet. It provides a little more support and we can stand up while we hold her slipperly little body. Unfortunately, Maddie might be too big for this option. We actually also looked at the blow up duck, so I'm excited to hear it actually works! It's so cute and we already have a bath duckie theme in our bathroom! We might have to graduate to that soon!