Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Make Your Own Food

Maia will be starting with some solid foods in the next few weeks. I'm leaning towards making our own baby food and I recently received a recommendation to use the Happy Baby Food Grinder.

We have a Cuisinart, and I previously assumed I would just use that for preparation. However, the clean up is daunting and this new alternative is intriguing. Has anyone else used one of these or a similar device and would they recommend it?


DZK said...

I would think the Cuisinart would work just as well, but that does look neat! I must admit that I relied on jarred food for Miss C. The reasons were pretty simple: 1) I wanted lots of variety (several different kinds of fruits and vegetables per week), 2) I wanted to feed her organic, and buying Earth's Best was actually cheaper than buying organic produce and making it myself (seems strange but true, maybe has to do with it being off season/winter?), 3) Miss C was on iron and so needed the extra vitamin C that they add to the fruit, and 4) I wanted to spend my time out of the office either relaxing or catching up on other stuff (yes, I am lazy). You will have to keep us posted on your progress! Oh, and FYI, our experience was smashed/mooshed bananas = unpopular, but cut up bananas or bananas mixed with other fruit = super popular.

Nieko's Mom said...

My comment comes a little late, but I did the whole make my own baby food thing. I use the cuisinart (I have the same red one as you!). I found that making baby food was really quick and easy especially 'cause you make so much compared to what they eat and you can freeze it. It's so much tastier and I recommend the Annabel Karmel books (eventhough she's British and does some other things than American Pediatric recommendations). I have worn down my cuisinart and am burning the motor but I'm also kind of done making baby food even though Nieko is only 8.5 months. He doesn't want to be fed anymore so now I give him small pieces of vegetables, fruit, cheese so that he can feed himself. I'm trying to get him to eat a little meat too, but to no avail yet. It sounds like you're on the right track because it took me forever to figure out the whole feeding thing. I read in the book "Child of Mine" that you don't want to get comfortable with one feeding routine because then your baby is probably ready for the next step already. I have found this to be very true with Nieko.

Van Citters said...

We used the Kidco Baby Food Grinder for Nicholas for small things (particularly fruits, sweet potatos, and other soft foods that we were eating). It is nice for grinding up small things that the rest of the family is eating. It isn't so hot for things like carrots or peas (they don't go through very well). Also, if you want to freeze small meals (which is really easy), we found that a blender was the way to go.